Pictures from our first house hunting trip to Cornwall or Devon. So we’ve decided to up sticks and move south west. Not for a few years (2 at most).

As yet we’re not sure where but we had a great weekend looking around. We’ve found places we don’t want to live. Here’s to many more trips till we find the right one.

Nin enjoying his full English!

The narrow streets of Megavissy! Loved this place!


An ale in Bodmin.

Very windy Newquay Beach!

Day two! We headed over to Brixham and that was a brilliant day and well spent! We definitely love it here and this is a maybe for settling here in a couple of years time.

The weather was glorious and the people were so friendly. Nin has been here a few times, but this was my first.

A day of positive blueness. Plus the very lovely Teddy from the B&B we stayed in.

Teddy. ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Glorious Brixham and a jolly nice place for lunch ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Oh and the customary Guinness! As it was St Patrick’s day 🙂

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Thoughts of the moment

Cornwall / Devon – 15-17 March 2019



Been to see the doctor and there are no strange lesions on the liver. Just a fatty liver. I’d explained to the GP that I’d stopped taken all but one of the heart meds and he explained that it could be the reason the liver enzymes (now at 116) are raised.

He’s put me back on all my heart medication:

Ranexa 375mg 1 x 2 daily

Ivabradine 5mg 1 x 2 daily

Perindopril 2mg 1 x daily (morning)

Simvastatin 40mg 1 x daily (night)

Aspirin 75mg 1 x daily (night)

Levothyroxine 1 x 40mg (morning)

He also explained that the function of the liver may not have altered because of going vegan and stopping the meds, and could still be cancer related! But for now, they’ll keep monitoring me.

Thank you for reading and lots of love xxx

Thoughts of the moment

Update to the Liver Post


On 12 Dec I went to the GP to have my bloodsrepeated, for the thyroid function.  Ihad a call from the GP a few days after having the bloods done and they askedme to book repeat bloods in February 2019. This time the bloods were to check theliver as well as the thyroid. HUH!!! New one on me. Liver. I asked them what for and the receptionist said that the liver results were showing “borderline” forraised enzymes. Hmmmmmmm! What does that mean? I had another call from themasking me to come in also for Blood Pressure checks. Hmmmmmm!

Strange I thought.So had the appointment on the 18 Feb (BP and blood taking session).

I then got called in on the 20 Feb, Dr Curruthers explained the reasons for theadditional checks on the liver.

So, Dr Curruthers said in December 18, my liver results were showing borderline, but in Feb 19, they had started to rise. I just said, maybe it’s because I’ve gone vegan or stopped with some heart medication. She explained that was possible, but she wanted to book me in for a liver scan. I asked her the reason why and she explained that with having a positive diagnosis for cancer, there is always the possibility of it spreading. “Ah! Gotcha!”

Telling Nin was like another bolt out of the blue and his exact words were “Oh Fxxk”! I told him, “it’s precautionary” and we settled it down that way.

Come scan day, 6th March (yesterday), and I went to Oldbury Health Centre. Never been before, since most of my scans are done at the QE.

Well what a thoroughly uneventful visit. The assistant was non committal! Glued to her phone. The lady that did the scan didn’t even say “Hello” at first when I went it.

Anyhow, the top and tail of it was the ultrasound technician said she couldn’t see anything and thought it showed signs of a fatty liver. Explaining that that could be for a number of reasons, including changing diet and medication. Both of which I’ve done in the last 8 months, turning vegan and not taking all my heart meds.

Update 8.3.19

I got a call from the docs asking for me to come in on 14th March to get the results. Slightly unusually since the Ultrasound tech said I should book an appt next week myself to get the results. Hey ho!

Thoughts of the moment







Doctors appointment for me today. So apparently my other thyroid gland is starting to shrivel up and the doctor has had to up the dose of levothyroxine now to 50mg per day from 25mg. I’m sure at some point it will pack in, but for now, it is what it is. Repeat bloods in December.



I had to attend the eye hospital today. My eyes have begun to become terrible again and periodically flare up wherever I am. The doctor looked at the eyes and thought I had virial conjunctivitis. Which meant I had to be off work the next week. He prescribed some night time paste and then 4 x daily some other stuff. I did it religiously for months!!!!!

Then after about 3 months!!! Yes I said 3 months, I went back to the Eye Hospital, but couldn’t get past the nurse on the desk. She said it still looks like virial conjunctivitis and that I needed to continue with the drops!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!

After a few weeks of continuing to try, I went to see my GP on 13 Feb 2019. She looked and said she thought I had some sort of allergy, not virial conjunctivitis. She prescribed me “Sodium Cromoglicate” which after a few days, relieved all my symptoms……HOORAY!!! For astute GP’s. My eyes were better and the skin around my eyes is much better now. I’ve no idea what the allergy is but at least I’m much better and don’t look like I’ve been in a fight!!!!! Sorry about the snapchat filter shot!



The second half of the heart scan was today. 9:15am. Once the scan is done, its just a case of waiting for the results. I left it and left it and finally, when I went to see the GP about my eyes (13 Feb), I asked her if she’d any results on the heart!!! Well would you Adam and Eve it, she did. She told me the results showed a marginal change in the heart function but it was generally ok. I told her that they’ve not called me in to discuss the results and I needed to see them, as I’d taken myself off most of my heart meds, except aspirin. My choice due to forgetting to take them for a week when I was away working and feeling fantastic for being off them. She said she’d organise that and low and behold, I have to wait for that appointment now too.


8.11.2018 and 14.11.2018

Blood scan day 8.11.18, at the Women’s. Ward 2 at 9:30 am. Then on the 14th Nov @ 7:30am, in ward 7, 4th floor again of the Women’s, I had a minor procedure to view the cervix and take a sample of the womb. The procedure involved having a General Anaesthetic and is termed a Hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy and polypectomy.  I do hate having a needle but needs must.  I got a letter a few weeks later saying that the entrance to the cervix is still torturous and that they removed a couple of polyps, both of which came back “normal”. Whatever that means? Still fibroids, adenomyotic cyst and endometriosis is present. At least I’m not having the enormous pain I used to have when I was having periods. That’s a big plus.

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Oct – Dec 2018


Another epic day!!!

No food or drink from 6:30am and then off to the QE Hospital again. This time to Nuclear Medicine Department for a Heart Scan.

Height and weight done and then called in by Ken and John for the exercise part of the test.

Before all that, Ken had to check my veins and see if he could access them! Oh I did cry! The part I hate most. Finding the vein. But he did! He told me he was just as scared as putting in needles as having them himself.

Here’s the evidence of the cannula. He did so well and after the tears I felt ok.

All hooked up for the treadmill and off we went. Getting the heart rate up enough to check how the heart coped.

These wonderful chaps are Ken (left) and John (right). I do remember them both from last year. Not sure what I had done but Ken said his bladder cancer had come back and that he’d be treated as an in patient in the QE.

John was a nice calm person and very kind.

We talked about spiders and phobias and they made me feel so at ease.

Next to have the scan itself and I had a drink of juice and some food I’d brought with me.

I had to wait till 12 noon for that. And once laid on the bench the CT scanner moved around me taking upteen pictures of the heart.

I remember sitting there and almost falling asleep! And then it was over and I could get dressed again. The technician said if I needed the second part of the rest, they’d give me a call.

I didn’t feel so great so had a cuppa at Costa’s.

On leaving the hospital I saw the ladies of the Breast Cancer Charity and remember my friend Sharon who was part of the crew. But I couldn’t see her, but got chatting to the other two members there. so nice to talk to fellow ladies who have had the same experience as me.

After a quick chat, I caught the bus home. The pain caused by yesterday’s internal examination was making me feel heavy and unwell. So getting home, I popped on the heating and sat and relaxed.

Nice end to the day with having the runs 🙈🙈🙈🙈 .

It’s been a very heavy and hectic week and I’m super exhausted.

Thank you for reading and lots of love xxxxx

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Heart Scan Day 18.10.18


Some days are sooooooooo full that when you do finally sit down with a cuppa, the only thing you can do is fall asleep!

Started off with waking up at 4am for my 6:45am flight back from Cork to Birmingham!

When I did get home I had a few hours to catch up and really wanted to sleepy, but though I’d better not. I rang the Nuclear Medicine Dept for an appointment for my heart scan and bizarrely they had a cancellation for tomorrow (18th Oct) and asked if I was free to come in then, 10:30am! So that’s me first thing, back in the QE.

I made it to the Women’s Hospital for around 12:45 and decided to sit down in the lobby area watching pregnant ladies, anxious dads and medical staff wandering around. I was super lost in my Netflix show.

So around 1:15 I went up to the 3rd floor to the Colonoscopy and Hysteroscopy Dept. I hate having anything done in the womb and cervix. I was trying so hard to be calm and was for the most part.

A woman, also waiting, was nattering on the phone to someone and I was so glad to be zoned out.

Then I got called in. Siobhan and Becky were there to perform the procedure.

Siobhan said it shouldn’t take more than 10 mins, I shook my head and said “where is the gas and air?”, she said they’d have to get it from the other side of the hospital.

They tried to do the biopsy of the womb. Even with gas and air they couldn’t access the cervix. Siobhan had to stop and after I stopped crying she managed to chat to me. She asked me sit down and explained what she wanted to happen next. The lining of the womb is several mm which for someone who isn’t having periods isn’t normal. She explained I had several fibroids too and the channel to the cervix is torturous.

Siobhan had seen how torturous it was trying to access the cervix and felt in order to get the biopsy needed, it might be best to have it done under general anaesthetic.

She sent me down to floor 1 where I was suitably met by an amazing nurse called Sue. Before going in to see Sue, I had my swabs done, ECG done, BP and heart rate.

By the time I’d gone in to see her, I was a little dazed. Sue looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told her I had an appointment at the Breast Care unit at 4pm and couldn’t miss it. The results of my mammogram were back.

Sue had to go all through my medical history. Much the same that Siobhan had had to earlier. It’s weird how when I have to recount my many operations and illnesses, how others look at me and wander how I stand up. At one point I’m sure Sue had a tear in her eyes.

She explained that she wanted to talk with the Anesthetist Emma, about everything and if she could, catch them to chat to me. After a long chat with Sue, I waiting in the queue for my bloods to be taken. Whilst I was waiting, Sue came back and said the anesthetist was free to chat to me. So around 3:20 I spoke to her. Wonderful lady who explained the options I had for the procedure. She was pleased I was going to have my heart scan tomorrow, as it gave more information on my possibilities of having another anaesthetic. We talked for about 10 mins and such a nice helpful person. Then I headed back to the queue for bloods.

Sue asked all those who were waiting to let me go first since I had an appt at 4pm. I went in and told the phlebotomist that I don’t give blood easily. But bloody hell, she got it first time! I was chuffed to bits.

After picking up some more information from Sue I made my way back down to ground floor to meet Nin so we could go in together to the Breast Care Unit.

We waiting a long time but went in and spoke to Mr Basu. I was so glad to see him, I though he’s left! Thankfully I was wrong. He told us that the mammogram was clear except some heavy scarring around the bust. I don’t think he was expecting that but he said at least no cancer was present. I said rather flippantly I think, “great”. Then asked him about a breast reduction of the right side to make it the same side as the right.

We chatted about the different options and I told him about attending the lymphadema clinic. He said it would be good to reassess the situation in 6 months time. I was ok with that and to be honest, super glad to be going home.

I’m very aware that cancer doesn’t often come but into the breast and I shouldn’t be jumping for job and announcing it over Facebook or anything else. Cancer once it has gone beyond the lymph nodes can come back anywhere in the body. So a clear mammogram is good but not definitive.

It’s been one hell of a day and now I’m super exhausted and ready to sleep. Thank you so much to Lusia who always reads and comments on my blogs. To everyone else who likes it too, thank you.

Much love and goodnight. Xxxx

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Epic Day!!!! 17.10.2018