Happy New Year! 

This was my first appointment back at the Cancer Centre for 2018. The first visit was to see Dr Stevens who is my Oncologist and who decides my chemo treatment regime. She’s a gently spoken lady who always makes me feel at ease. 

We chatted about what happened before Christmas and the decision to stop chemo. We then spoke briefly about radiation therapy but I told her I wasn’t comfortable with having that, but she insisting on me taking a leaflet on it. Most pressing was the swelling in the “tumor breast”, in which the CT scan has shown another mass. Dr Stevens said she wanted to see how the breast was looking now and off I whipped my top. “Oh yes it’s very red and looks sore and swollen”, she said. Then called in one of the breast care nurses (Jo) to take a look. She asked Jo to book an appointment to see Mr Basu (the surgeon who did my two surgeries). Once I got dressed we spoke of possibilities and I had said that Nin and I had spoken of a mastectomy if was cancer again. 

So our appointment to see Mr Basu took place the same day as seeing Dr Stevens. He did an examination and said yes it’s very red and the skin is thickened. He said to head over to have an ultrasound and he’s asked the doctor doing the US to obtain some of the fluid he thought was in the breast so it could be sent away for examination.

Unfortunately there was no fluid there to be sampled. After a few mins the US doctor called Mr Basu and he was surprised too but asked if I wanted to ask anything, but my mind was completely blank! He then told Jo to book an appointment for me to come back and see him in two weeks time. 

17th Jan 2018

I went back to see Mr Basu at the Breast Care Centre. The place was heaving! I couldn’t believe how busy the clinic was. When Mr Basu saw me, same routine, Jane was with me and he examined me. I explained that although the size hasn’t really gone down, the redness had. He asked me if I was having radiation therapy and I said I didn’t want it. He did speak to me about it and the reasons for it along with Jane, but I just don’t want it. I asked Mr Basu about the statement made by the CT team, about there being a mass on the same side breast as my tumor. He just explained that, when people who are not directly involved in your care see a scan, they would call it a mass. But Mr B explained that he had viewed the scan along with Professor Davies and they concluded it was scar tissue which is a normal occurance. I was just glad it wasn’t anything more. Mr B spent probably 15 mins with me and Jane spent a further 15 and I was so grateful for that. He answered all my questioned and just said he would now pass me back to Dr Stevens. Janes explained a little bit more about radiation therapy and I said I’d talk to Dr Stevens at my appointment on the 24th Jan. 

So everything is alright. 

Thank you for reading and glad those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning, lots of love xxxx

Tino says Goodnight xxxx

Thoughts of the moment

January 3rd & 17th 2018


Four pictures that represent chemo 4 day. 

Me and Nin waiting in the waiting room. Sometimes you might have an appointment at a set time, but actually wait a little longer to be rigged up for chemo. ⬇️

The invaluable work the nurses dispensing the drugs do. Double checking the drugs and signing acknowledgement that I’m receiving the right stuff! ⬇️

The obligatory time captured forever. ⬇️

Needed my lolly to get rid of some of the yucky taste with the drugs ⬇️

So chemo 4 went quite smoothly. Nothing major to report at all. The next day we headed back to the hospital for the PEG filgrastim injection and then headed home. All very normal and uneventful. 

I was ok for the Saturday and Sunday. By Monday the effects of the chemo usually kick in and I had a lazy day in bed. I think Nin even went to a Mason’s meeting, but I’d stayed in bed doing next to nothing.

On the Tuesday 5th Dec, my friend had come to the QE for an assessment. So I had said I would pop over to the Heritage building (where I had both my surgeries) and spend the time with her. Nin had flippantly said to keep monitoring my temperature and if I felt it go high, it would be easy to pop over to 622 for a check up. 

I was ok for the most part of the visit to see my friend, but just after lunchtime around 3pm, my temp started to rise. I didn’t feel particularly unwell but did notice I was feeling hot. Checked it again at 4, 38.4 degrees. So I had to call the unit who asked me over. 

The long walk over. The link bridge from the Heritage building to the main QE. 

Once I got to 622 the nurse was waiting for me. She took some bloods and I waited for the results. Nin was making his way over with my bag of things just in case I needed to stay over. 

Nin arrived and we stayed in the assessment room and the neutrophil count was around 11. So pretty good. The doc looked at the results and asked me to go have an X-ray done. I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t have a chest infection. The X-ray came back clear and my temp had settled a little so he sent me on my way with antibiotics to take, three times a day. He said keep an eye on your temperature and if you feel unwell, call. My temp was around 38.1.

On the 6th Dec I woke up and Nin had gone to work. I took my antibiotics as instructed and sat down in the main room. I did feel peeky and kept checking the temp. It was going up and I began to feel unwell. I had messaged Nin’s son Amandeep to ask if he was about and would he be able to drop me to the hospital if need be. I took my temp again and it hit 38.7, so I rang the ward and as predicted I came back in. Amandeep dropped me off, my bag was packed with 6 days of heart pills and I thought, here we go again.

When I got to 622 bloods were taken again and my neutrophils had dropped to 3.64. So the day before they were 11 and dropped more than half! I knew I would be admitted. By the time Nin arrived from work I was being given IV antibiotics and a bag of fluid also. 

I wasn’t feeling so enthused about staying overnight again but I guess it was needed. I was moved into my own room, number 1 and before moving over, Irina and Richard popped over to see my from the Heritage Building where she was staying. We had a lovely chat and then at about 8:30 I said I felt tired and needed to sleep. Nin went home and Richard drove all the way back to Shrewsbury. 

You never ever sleep well in hospital. I was on IV antibiotics every 6 hours and then the nurses doing observations. My IV Drip stand bleeping when the bag was running out! Then at 6am time to take bloods and give me more antibiotics! Above is a 6am shot on Thursday 7th Dec. 

I did have a nice view from my room. I could see right over to the cancer centre and the Heritage building where Ira was. Strangely enough I didn’t feel so alone knowing she wasn’t too far away and we kept each other company by texting each other. 

I don’t think much happened between Thursday and Saturday apart from my neutrophils going down to 1.7, the. 1.1 on the Friday! Little did we know what was going to happen next. 

I was extremely tired and I remember one day, I think it was the Friday and Nin came to see me and I was sleeping. He took a picture and that upset him. I guess seeing me so helpless was very different from the person he knows.

I know I wouldn’t be going home before the weekend, as I was on round the clock antibiotics. 

Dr Shah visited me each day and things were level! Everything seemed normal. Nin came to visit me on the Saturday 9th Dec and I walked him down to the main entrance to see the lovely Christmas trees they’d placed there. 

When I got back to the room I began to feel cold again. Unfortunately for the whole of Birmingham, the snow had began to fall and roads and access to the hospital wasn’t great. 

That evening my temp spiked at 39.1 I had a very high grade fever.  I was given paracetomol to help bring the temperature down. During that first episode I remember sitting up in the bed and all of a sudden a load of people were around my bed. I was saying “Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru” and as I looked round the room, I didn’t know anyone. I saw people with sad faces, some were crying and right opposite me, straight in front of me, stood my Mammaji Kewel Singh Rehal. As I looked at him he did one of his infamous gentle kind smiles and said in Punjabi “Jitha, this is not your time to come home”. When he said that, he smiled again, I smiled at him and laid down and went to sleep. Now whether that was a dream, hallucination or what, I understood the message. All I know is that when I saw him, I felt a great sense of peace. 

The next day (Sunday 10th Dec) it had been snowing so heavily in Birmingham. 

Nin had began to make his way by walking to the hospital but the snow was so thick. I had spoken to him and said to stay at home and rest. By about 11am I was really feeling down and Nin called again to say he was on his way again. When he got to me around 12:30 I was relieved I had him with me. It was very short staffed on the ward and having him with me was good. When he left I had another episode of high temp!  I was sick again. Same thing. Shivery. Then headache and neck and base of back pain. Then sick and a temp of 38.4. This time I also had chest pain so used my GTN spray. Again more paracetomol. 

The next day – Monday 11.12.2017 Dr Shah came in early and we talked about the high temp, being sick, hallucinating, stiff neck and immediately alarm bells were ringing for them. He explained he wanted to do the following over the next week or so to try and find the source of this infection:

ECG, possible lumbar puncture. Swab on the PICC line. Sputum sample from the morning. If I spike a temp again to take peripheral bloods too. The possibility is an infection of the brain or the heart valve. CT scan of the brain also. X-ray as they can hear crackling on the right lung 

OH HECK!!!! They think I have meningitis!!!! So that was it. No one was allowed to visit. Not that they came. The snow prevented that! 

During the week I had one lumbar puncture attempt on the bed in my room. 

Nin took a pic of it after they’d tried doing it.

As they couldn’t access the spinal fluid I would have to have another one done in theatre. The day I had first lumbar puncture was the day I was supposed to see the cardiology team in out patients. But the team had arranged for a member of the team to come and speak to me and they said they wanted to check the condition of the heart valves. Ok great. Another scan and this was supposed to be done using a camera down my throat!!!! I wasn’t looking forward to that. 

First the CT with contrast of the brain, that took place on Monday 11.12.2017. The results came back clear with no swelling or tumor noted in the brain. 

I caught a lovely sunset that evening too.

Later on that day, they came to get the junior lady doctor came to take pheriperal blood. Ouch and ouch! Two attempts and she got enough for the cultures. That was to see if there was an infection in the blood. 

The next morning 12.12.2017, I’m beginning to look a bit knackered. I was taking to Irina and took this pic of me.

Still on antibiotics!

Still with plenty of sick buckets for me, just in case!

On the 13.12.2017 I was wheeled into theatre for a second lumbar puncture. This time it was done by a more experienced anaesthetist who got it first time. I was pretty scared having it done. Both times I cried!!!

Here’s a pic of me in recovery afterwards.

I had a lovely nurse looking after me in the recovery area. She was from Sri Lanka and came over 20 some years ago with her hubby. She was telling me she prayed so hard to have her first child and her prayers were answered. Such a lovely person. She also said she’d say a prayer for me. 

The next few days were filled with IV antibiotics and fluids! Practically around the clock. 

My sister Mini came over the weekend with food 😀 and a new hat. 

Here’s Nin, enjoying the paratha Mini made for him! 

I started collecting pictures of my bruises as at some point my PICC line wouldn’t allow blood to come through! How bloody frustrating was that! They tried everything to get it going but it just didn’t work. So here are some nice bruise pictures:

I also started collecting the tubs they dispensed the tablets in!

More fluids!

On the 15th Dec I went down for my CT scan. Nin was with me as I didn’t want to have that done on my own. Well you go in unaccompanied. But I didn’t want to be alone when they gave the results. So we’d come back up to the room around 3:30pm and had something to eat and we’re drifting off when Dr Shah and the lady doctor came rushing in. He said they’d found a mass on the right breast and wanted to examine that side. 

He examined me and said it was red and discoloured CT scan just shows the thickening in the right breast to be investigated by the breast surgeons. The CT guys had said it looked like more cancer. Nin and I were in shock! More cancer! That quickly! I’d noticed a change on that side myself and explained to Nin about it. He said it looked angry and inflamed. So Dr Shah booked me in for Monday 18 Dec to see Mr Basu. The breast surgeon who did my surgeries. 

Feeling mega fed up! 

On the Monday 18.12.2017 they decided to take me off the IV antibiotics and monitor me for some time. It seemed my blood results had improved and no raised infection markers. 

So the bloods were fine, pheripheral and from the PICC. No infection noted from the PICC. No infection detected in the sputum, urine, spinal fluid (meningitis negative). X-ray was clear, slight crackling but nothing more. The CT scan had shown no further black spots in the liver, kidneys, lungs or left breast. 

So the I was waiting on the heart scan and the examination from Mr Basu.
I was taken over at 12:30pm and Mr Basu checked me over. He said he’d looked at the CT scan and thought it highly improbably for it to be recurring cancer. He said there was a mass in the exact same place as the tumor that was removed but he didn’t think it was cancer!!! Famous last words. He noticed the redness on the underside of the right breast and the thickening of the muscle around it. We spoke about options but he said he wanted to see the heart scan results and see if that is where the infection is coming from! He said if those results are clear then he would organise a ultrasound guided biopsy to be done to investigate what the mass is. When I came back to my room, I will admit I cried! Cried because of what it might be and what it would mean to me. Nin and I had already spoken and I’d said if it was cancer then I would have a mastectomy.  

So the last thing was the heart scan.  Porscha did my heart scan. That I had on the 20 Dec.

Lovely Philippino lady with two kids.

We spoke about when she came here from the Philippines and her kids were small.

She and her husband got a job here and she spoke about leaving her kids near the wall of the school so that both her and her kids wouldn’t be late. She felt heartbroken that she had to leave them there when they were little. Just so they didn’t get late or that she wasn’t late for work. Bless her. She told me the two times she’s been back to the Philippines that her father was diagnosed with cancer on the first one and he subsequently passed away. The second time she went back her mum had a stroke. So she felt it’s a lot of a coincidence and feels apprehensive about going back. 

Once the heart scan was done, I thanked Porsha and was whisked back to my room on the ward. 

Again another cry! 

The next day 21.12.2017, Kiran came over and said the heart scan was clear and he’d organise booking me in the for ultrasound guided needle biopsy. 

Mr Shah also came over and agreed as I was clinically well that they could send me home. Great news.

Mark took out my PICC line which took all but a couple of tugs. 

So after all that, no source of the infection could be found. The only thing they could deduce was that maybe the cancer itself was causing the infection. All other results were clear! Except for my shortness in breath which I believe is heart related! 

So on 3rd Jan I go back to the Oncologist to discuss next steps! Oh I’m not looking forward to it but do know my right boob is getting more red and sore and growing bigger! 

In the 15 days I was in hospital I’d lost 5kg in weight! 

Here’s a final picture for this long chapter as to when I was released from hospital! Yeah!  

Thoughts of the moment

Chemo 4 Day – Dec 1st and beyond. 


30.11.2017 – Was the oncologist appt today. But first bloods had to be taken. Nin didn’t come with me this time. I told him not to! Once you’ve done it a few times, you realise it’s ok to go it alone. 
Getting to the cancer centre and waiting the the sister to draw blood from the PICC line. She tried and tried but to no avail! Oh heck the panic set in. Is the PICC line blocked! I order to see the Oncologist, I had to have pheripheral blood taken. The really good phlebotomist managed to get it first time. She always does amazingly. Not without some tears on my part!!!

Blood taken peripherally ⬆️

My PICC line looking a mess ⬇️ 

Dr Shah saw me and we spoke about the treatment I’d been having. He asked me how i was and I said the last chemo was relatively good. Ok I ended up in hospital with neutrophenia for 5 days but otherwise I felt ok. We spoke about the dosage and that Dr Stevens had requested a further 15% reduction in the dosage. I was ok with that. He said how did I feel about completing the 6 rounds and I said fine. I wanted to have the all sessions as that was what was recommended.  He agreed. He asked me to go to ward 621 to see if they could get my PICC line to work again. So off I trotted there! 

They successfully got it working and all peace was resumed. Amen! 

Thoughts of the moment

Oncologist Appt 30.11.2017


Here is what is on my bag! 

First and foremost I choose Happy
At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with Grade 4 Endometriosis. A disease that ravages a woman’s womb, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. In my case stopped me from ever conceiving my own children.
Despite this I choose Happy! 
After 20 years of assistant conception (3 IVF cycles and 3 FET cycles and on top of that a total of 3 Laparotomies to help my disease) nothing worked.  
Despite this I choose Happy! 
In 2011, I was diagnosed with coronary heart failure and on 25 May 2012 I underwent a triple heart bypass. 10 days after my surgery, my awesome Mum passed away from breast cancer. 
Despite this I choose Happy!
In Feb 2016, my vein graft blocked at I was readmitted to hospital for emergency stent surgery which saved my life! I’m now full of more metal in my chest that when I have X-rays they have pretty little pictures to see. 
Despite this I choose Happy!
In March of 2017, I was simultaneously diagnosed with having an adenomyetic cyst the size of a large orange on my cervix. And a hiatus hernia. Unexpected for sure but those are the facts.
Despite this I choose Happy!
And then the bolt out of the blue that on 5 May 2017, to be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. A complete and utter shock! So far I’ve had one radical mammoplasty, full lymph Node removal on my right side.
Despite this I choose Happy!

I’m undergoing chemotherapy right now and will then (maybe) after I’ve seen my cardiac surgeon decide if I will go for radiation therapy. I have 7 weeks of radiation therapy scheduled (one for each day except Saturday and Sundays). 
Despite this I choose Happy!
Thereafter, we shall see what the results say.
Despite this I choose Happy!
The reason I choose Happy is because I am very grateful for my medical journey. I’ve had some bumpy roads to travel and each one has left a mark on my life and always, always for the good. I’m very grateful to be blessed with all of my conditions and despite each one on their own has been heartbreaking, they’ve also helped my grow. 

cancer opens your mind to all of the good things in life. It drives your mind and helps focus on all the things that are important. It’s scary, of course it is! But how you choose to deal with it, as with anything, is up to YOU!

That is why Despite this I choose Happy!

Firstly, love yourself and find yourself. There is plenty of help out there. You are not alone! 

Here are some important numbers to remember and I am here too! 

From Nin and I. Lots of Love xxxxx


Thoughts of the moment

Choose Happy! 


What an interesting morning was that! Nin dropped me off at the Cancer Centre as I’d told him it wasn’t necessary to stop with me. 

So I headed in and took a ticket to get my bloods done. Since I have a PICC line Jan (who is the Phlebotomist) doesn’t do my bloods, so the nurse asked the sister to do it. 

We headed to the treatment room and well that’s where it all started. Oooooo the PICC line looks a bit infected. When was the dressing last changed. I’d told the sister Friday, but didn’t mention that the district nurse didn’t draw blood before flushing it. So she tried to get blood and it just wasn’t going to happen. She flushed it was saline but she couldn’t draw blood. Since I couldn’t see the oncologist without my blood results, I agreed to go to Jan for her to get my blood. 

Everyone knows I hate blood being taken. Above most invasive things done to women, it’s my worst thing. All of a sudden there were a nurse, the sister and Jan around me. I braced myself as I didn’t have Nin to calm me down and thankfully Jan didn’t let me down and accessed a tiny vein to get the blood. A few tears and gentleness from the sister helped keep my calm. I was so pleased she didn’t have to try again.

Nonetheless the sister had mentioned the PICC line issue to the Oncologist before I’d gone in to see him. It wasn’t Dr Stephens but Dr Shah her registrar. I’ve seen him so many times now and I said, “you’ll be getting fed up of me”! He laughed.

He asked me how I was and I explained that apart from ending up in hospital and being neutropenic and needing another blood transfusion, I said I was good. Chemo 3 wasn’t littered with any side effects. They’d already done my obs and he asked me about continuing the treatment. I was adamant that the course was completed as laid out to me. He said because of me ending up in hospital that they may knock the chemo at 4. But first they wanted to see how the 4th session went. He also explained that Dr Stephens had further reduced my dose by 15%. Again, still remaining effective without compromising my general blood health.

As my PICC line was questionable he said he was glad I wanted to proceed with all the treatment because we want to give you the best chance and to continue to 6 is what we’d aim for. 

I spoke to Dr Shah about the date of chemo 5 and he agreed that the date was too close to Xmas and at the next meeting on the 20 Dec we can fix the dates for the last two chemos. He did talk about moving onto radiation therapy and hormone therapy but I can’t focus that far. Need to get today done first. I’d asked Dr Shah to prescribe me some more steroids as I didn’t have enough for this cycle. So after seeing him I headed to the pharmacy and then onwards to ward 621 for them to look at the PICC line.

The drugs were collected and I went up. Took a ticket and waited. Partly thinking, ek  I really didn’t wanted to go through all that rigmarole of having a new line fitted. Thankfully the sister on 621 Rianne managed to get blood to come out! Big PHEW! I was a happy badger!!!!!! 

So here we go! They took some bloods to check the infection markers and Dr Shah said , if they were raised, he would defer my chemo for a week and give me antibiotics. But I should hear back from them today on that. I don’t think there is any infection now to prevent chemo 4. 

Onwards and upwards and here are some pics of the day! 

PS – I went on a bus and the Doc has told me to limit my contact with people right now! Ek!!!!!

Thank you for reading and lots of love xxx

Thoughts of the moment

Oncologist Appt 29.11.2017


After losing Jojo that morning, we came home and sat for about an hour. Then went to bed. Nin headed off to work and as usual I stopped in bed. 

The chemo side effects were already hitting me and I was beginning to feel dreadful. Just tired and because we’d had such a shock, I’d been sick a number of times. I hadn’t really noticed my temperature change that day, probably still numb after the events of that morning. 

I was double and triple wrapped up and I suppose cold. That evening my temp was up in the high 37. But it was late and I had had the PEGFilgrastim injection so no doubt that would stop me from getting neutropenic. 

The next day, Nin called me ask if I could help at work. An emergency had come up and I said yes. I was feeling shocking!!!!! My temp was still high but I went in and went through everything I needed too. I kept checking my temp as it kept creeping up. As we left to come home, Nin asked me to do my temp in the car and it had reached 38.7!!! Ek! I had to call the hospital who asked me to come in. 

We drove home to collect my bag and headed up to the QE! 

Back here again. Ward 622. My temp was 38 degrees and I was going to be admitted again!!!!!!

Pheripheral blood had to be taken! Ha that’s a joke finding blood from me that way. In the end they took it from the PICC line.

And started me immediately on IV antibiotics! 

I was in the main investigation room where people come in when they first get to ward 622. Nin went home around 9. And I was there until 1:15am and then moved into my own room. Which was lovley.  Some perks I suppose. 

My haemoglobin levels had plummeted hence the blood transfusion. The doc noticed the tightness of the chest and I decided that I also needed to have a chest X-ray too.

So the blood transfusion took place the next day. Just over 2 hours to have it.  

For the next few days I was having IV antibiotics every 6 hours and although they only took around 3/4 hour to do, at night sometimes it was a long wait for the nurse to remove it from the PICC Line. One night I was connected to the IV all night and I kept pressing the buzzer for the nurse to come, but some trainee would come and say they’d let the nurse know. That night I hardly slept and in the morning the nurse who had connected it, came in and said she was taking blood. I told her that I’d been connected all night and she was so annoyed with herself for not coming back to me! Just some snaps taken in hospital. 

I had the X-ray and that was ok. Nothing untoward found there. 

I was constantly monitored for my temperature which kept settling and then rising. Eventually the doctor switched me to oral antibiotics but wanted to keep me in overnight to monitor me. Massive tablet! 

That was Saturday night and I got quite teary when Nin had to go home.

I saw some amazing sunrises in room 7.

And we tried to keep jolly and happy. Basically I became neutropenic and from having a neutrophil level of 10 at the last chemo, to 1.1 on the day of admission and the day after plummeting to 0.03! Meant I was immunocompromised. I actually couldn’t believe it. But I had a regular Filgrastim injection and my levels rose to 0.7.  The day after it increased to 9. So that was when they switched me to the oral antibiotics. 

On Sunday, I was finally allowed to go home, after spending 4 nights and 5 days there! 

They do an amazing job looking after us and I just can’t fault them. But boy was I glad to get out! 

Apart from ending up in hospital and needing a blood transfusion and neutrophenic, the cycle was good. I didn’t have a long stint where I couldn’t eat. I wasn’t on paracetomol for long. I didn’t have any unpleasant side effects and just have really dry skin on my face. So reducing the dose 15% really was good for me. Sounds funny saying that as I ended up being hospitalised but it was ok! 

Oh and I lost 1/2 stone from Wednesday to the Sunday!!!!!!! Ekkkkkkkk!

Roll onto Chemo 4 on 1st Dec! But first an appointment to see Dr Stephens on 29 Nov, to discuss this last treatment.

Thank you for reading and lots of love. 

Thoughts of the moment

Nov 14th – beyond


First of all I want to pay tribute to my beautiful girl Jojo who sadly on at 2:30an on Tuesday 14 Nov was put to sleep as she’d suffered a pulmonary embolism, which left her back legs paralysed and in terrible pain. She was only 8 years old. 

During the night I heard her doing her normal shouting which she sometimes did and I just said “come on Jojo” trying to get her to come upstairs. When she didn’t, I went down and saw her struggling. We rushed her to the vets and they told us the bad news. She was in such a lot of pain and we were mortified that we had to make the decision. She was such a loving girl. 

Jojo was a stray that appears miraculously the very same day our Valentino disappeared on one Saturday morning in April 2014. As the cats were allowed then, he just disappeared and she turned up at the bottom of the garden, meowing away. We coaxed her in and as soon as Tino was returned to us, one week later, they all became in door cats. Never to go out again. 

We had Jojo checked out to see if she was tagged, but she wasn’t and we kept her. 

She was a flighty cat and didn’t really get on with Nin. But she did get on with me and I loved her so much. 

So heartbreaking losing them. They give unconditional love that anyone who doesn’t have a pet doesn’t understand. 

My cat Jojo. Rest in Peace little one 😢😢

Thoughts of the moment